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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 21, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hello, i'm in for julie banderas. welcome to brand-new hours. >> topping the news this hour, the chairman of joints chief of staff says north korea has taken another step to destabilize the region by building a new uranium enrichment plant. other nato troops get out of
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afghanistan now. latest from kabul. >> the start of winter but you wouldn't know that in the midwest. the latest on the storm from the fox extreme weather center. president obama has little comfort to offer travelers. he understands people's frustrations but he has been told by tsa officials that the procedures in place right now are the most accepted against terrorist threats. now, they are pressing for alternative solutions. let's go to malini wilkes who is in washington. >> they defended pat-downs and total body scanning machines last week and this morning he says there are no plans to change the policy anytime soon. >> and i'm very attuned given all the concerns that have been raised to answer the question,
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not changing the policies because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat. >> reporter: later they issued a statement. we got this about ten minutes ago. quote, this is an evolving program that will be adapted as conditions warrant. we are constantly evaluating and adapting our security measures. so suggesting that the screenings are not going on forever but not going to back off of them right away. it points out the underwear bomber tried to struck less than a year ago and terrorists tried to strike cearg planes but very few people get the pat-downs. >> look, i understand that everybody has a critic but
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screening techniques definitely have a lot of critics. what are they saying before the holiday starts? >> we had a john mika a long time critic and he is not opposed entirely to the techniques but they should be used sparingly. >> i believe we should do this and equipment can be used but not on every passenger. it must be targeted and focused, someone must set off an alarm or being on a watch list. >> reporter: they don't support the opt out day. this grassroots organizers are encouraging travelers for travelers to reject the scan. also this morning, we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton she would avoid the pat down if she could. but she is sure that security experts will try to make it less
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intrusive. >> i went to that national opt out day and they were nurng to do it in public eye so don't go to bathroom so people can see what is going on. thank you very much malini wilkes. >> you heard him congressman mika and we'll have more because we'll be talking with a florida republican in greater detail about other possible ways to keep the airport safe. he has a way to get rid of the tsa altogether. stay tuned for that. new signs of danger out of north korea. an american scientist reporting that they have made major vans in the nuclear program and enriching uranium in a new high-tech facility. julie tell us about it. >> reporter: an american scientist that toured the complex earlier this month.
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in a report posted online, the former director of the loss alamos nuclear lab, says in north korea 2,000 recently completed centrifuges and a facility to make bombs. he described the plant as stunning. he says north korean officials says they were already installed and running. he was not allowed to take photos, but satellite images do show evidence that construction in that area over the last few years. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff refusing to detail how much the u.s. really knows. >> i would say this is something we've been concerned about for significant period of time. also, penetration of the north koreans in terms of intelligence capabilities is very difficult. >> reporter: the fact that north korea showed a visiting american
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scientist new enriched uranium clearly is a calculated move and new challenge for the obama administration. >> i don't think anybody in the obama administration should be surprised at this. if they are, it indicates they have never understood how serious the north korean threat is. >> a senior official says if the new report is true this is a provocative act of defiance by the north korean government. the action is possibly timed to strengthen the communist nation as it moves to transfer power from kim jong-il. new reaction from the taliban for nato deadline. they say the forces must be out before then. >> taliban are mocking the u.s. plan to hand over security responsibility to afghan security forces by the end of 2014. today in a statement, taliban
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spokesman described the plan as irrational and a sign of failure. he demanded all u.s. and international troops out of afghanistan immediately and promised further bloodshed. current strategy focuses on building up security forces so they can handle security responsibility with the goal of handing over all responsibility by the end of 2014. taliban trying to prevent the afghan government from standing up and taking over. u.s. officials say they are making progress, clearing out the taliban from key areas but the process of installing and building up the afghan government is going much slower than western officials thought. u.s. troops clear and they hold and then wait for afghan officials to arrive and take over. without a credible afghan government to handle security the taliban will likely be able to continue their reign of
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terror making any transfer of power in 2014 difficult if not impossible. >> you are doing a great job, conner powell, thank you very much. >> governors are taking tough economic issues that are going on. many states can't make ends meet and budgets are a sea of red ink and record unemployment is choking the cash flow. these are the topics at the national governors association meeting going on in colorado and one area coming into the crosshairs, how to handle public employee unions. let's bring in adam geller and mark levine a radio talk show host. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. let me read something to you and that is a stoic veteran of the governors are telling the incoming governors, be prepared. you are going to lose your popularity because of the fact
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you are going to have to deal with state budgets that encroached on any kind of popularity a governor could have. what are they facing this year? >> kelly, you are right. because of the unemployment and recession states are strapped. there was a solution to this. it was an easy one and in the obama stimulus package. it gave tremendous amount of aid to states. it would prevent states from raising taxes, republicans opposed it. three came on board cut in it half. there is a clear reason why states are in trouble and if states' taxes are going up you have the republican party to blame. >> i disagree with the premise. i think a governor can remain popular. chris christie is doing just that. the reason that we are addicted to spending.
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christy is taking on the fight. his pop latter and job approval rating a s sky high. he a rock star. nga spending millions of dollars against him their ratings are one to three negative. >> let me get a question, based on what you said, adam, that the governor knew something had to be done. he had a budget that he didn't each and definitely in the red. recent reports of corey booker the mayor of a town in new jersey is asking the police force to forfeit pay. so we are seeing spending problems out there and men and women in governing are taking steps about that. having said that, what are the republicans are going to, do the republican governors coming in. they are going to take aim at democrats but also unions? >> they are going to follow the lead of christy.
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we had him in a year in office all right. they are seeing that it is working and they are going to take his lead. they are going to treat voters as adults and not children. these are problems that required shared sacrifice and everybody is going to have to make some sort of sacrifice. in the case of teachers, its one year pay freeze and contributing 1.5% to their health benefits forks an average teacher it's about $750 a year for health care benefits compared to what other folks in the private sector, it's more than a fair shake. yet it's called the greatest assault against teachers. >> i think it's criminal that they are taking every last dime and dollar from working people to make billionaires richer. and governor christy knows, new jersey pace more than n federal
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taxes than any state in united states. to get a dollar new jersey pays 1.65. mississippi pays 50 cents. so saying hey, we could cut our taxes by two-thirds and he is going after his own teachers. he is going after people that make new jersey productive and they are trying to get $700 billion in tax cuts for the billionaires. at some point they don't have any more money to give. >> mark, first of all, forget about billionaires for a second. governor christie's opponent was jon corizine from goldman sachs. first thing you have to do as a governor is cut spending. once you get that under control, guess what you can do next, lower taxes. it's absolutely true what new jersey pays in but we are
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approaching it the right way and responsible way. that is why the voters appreciate the governor and giving him the ratings they are. but in new jersey he remains a rock star. public poll shows him with job approval in the high 50s. >> we're talking about a lot about the governor but across the board. you look at places like california which has a deficit that is out of this world. basically what are the governors going to have to do to try to lower taxes and spending. >> take on the special interests. just be bold and be brave and do what you have to do and don't worry. people are saying, your pole numbers are going down. look across the country see the poll numbers aren't going down. >> they will have to convince the republican congress to turn around and say we don't want benefits to be cut or taxes to go up. if republicans would support the obama stimulus package, no taxes
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would have to be raised and no teachers would have to be cut. all it means is people pay their fair share. if the governor cared about them and the money coming back they wouldn't have to cut. >> stimulus is one shot deal. this is a change, we need a change in philosophy. that is what governor christy is going and that is what a lot of governors are doing. >> all the people will be watching their governors and governor elects very closely this year and we'll wait to see what happens. >> absolutely. >> mark -- thank you very much take care. >> you can get the latest on the politics, log on to
4:15 pm for the latest on governors trying to cut ballooning deficits. you may have missed this but it's a great thanksgiving story for thousands of americans. it shows what can happen when democrats and republicans come together. imagine that. the senate reaching a decision on two lawsuits on friday approving $4.6 billion to federal claims against the federal government. the paper case denied or under paid and another case mismanaged trust funds for native americans. >> some amazing work and vision going on right now on the site of the 9/11 terror attacks. it's the september 11th memorial museum, we'll remember that day forever and all those that perished. the design of that memorial put in the hands of a 34-year-old israeli american architect and now he is turning his vision into reality. he here is shepard smith.
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♪ ♪ it's so heavy here, i just want to get out of the way and let it speak for itself. >> next year on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, lower manhattan will come home to the national memorial to that day. >> architect michael lorad eventually won a contest to design the memorial but he was trying to find out what it should look like long before the competition. >> a building and a model back in 2003 and set it aside. a few months later there was a
4:17 pm
competition for the memorial. i heard on the radio that a plane hit the tower. i actually saw the tower get hit. immediately you knew that it was no accident. >> michael left home in search of his wife who was working downtown. finding her they eventually made it back to their apartment. >> i left home, the towers were standing and i got home and they were gone. >> a design for two massive water falls in the footprints of the twin towers. just last week they came to life. the falls will be framed by the names of those killed surrounding the pools a plaza filled with hundreds of trees. >> you hear the water falling behind me, it's an incredible sound track. >> for the purposes of the competition, he named his design
4:18 pm
reflecting... but it's a lasting impression that it leaves on visitors. >> he was moved by it. for me, he was able to give that for people to experience this, it's so gratifying. it's nothing i could have dreamed of doing. >> that wall of water is such an amazing vision. shepard, thank you so much. >> and on the side on the efforts to restart middle east peace talk is. >> and palestinians will consider coming back to the table and prepare to put down more green for the thanksgiving dinner. the surge in prices for turkey
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welcome back. here are the stories making headlines this hour. al-qaeda in yemen is boasting online it will try carrying out
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more small scale terror attacks. to blow up cearg planes, the cart transitional cost only $4200. admiral mullen weighing on the don't ask, don't tell policy saying he supports congress using a lame duck session to end the ban on gays to serve openly in the military. >> mahmoud abbas says he will not accept a proposal to resume peace talks unless israel halts construction in jerusalem. >> harris: shoppers get ready. few days ready for thanksgiving. pull go the trimmings on the thanksgiving, grocery prices are taking a big bite out of their water. pete, say it ain't so. >> reporter: many americans will give thanks like family and friends but unlikely any of them will be giving thanks for food
4:24 pm
prices because the average cost of a thanksgiving meal for ten is up 1.3% this year according to the american farm bureau federation. pie shells, those are up 12 cents, pumpkin pie mix, up 17 cents and frozen turkeys are up 28%. >> seed costs are higher. trucking, surcharges which we never had before with seed costs it added. utilities, electric, fuel, all of that is higher. so it's adding more to our costs. >> that former mentioned the feed costs, corn makes up the majority and price of corn has been going up. feed costs a lot more and businesses like his need to raise the prices on their products to avoid going under. economists say the food on the
4:25 pm
dining room table costs a lot more this year but tha won't be the biggest hardship because the price of getting there is up even more. >> we are looking at an extra 25% or so increase in fuel prices. that is about 8.5% of the household budget. that is significant impact on the cost of living. >> reporter: so all those things are going to cost a lot more but good news for fans of side dirs, price of stuffing is down one cent. >> harris: thanks for that. two things, those birds look so happy. they don't know what is coming. and we're eating at your house this year. >> kelly: how am i supposed to toll fol that? you could say biblical proportions, a striking landmark as the world's largest statue of jesus. they claim it rises higher than
4:26 pm
the famous redeemer statue. it was blessed today in the presence of hundreds of faithful and businesses, they hope it will be good send to increase tourism and economy. >> harris: a major storm is slamming the west coast. mixed bag, a mess. >> kelly: now it the tsa getting touchy and feely. harris says she likes some of them but there are better alternatives out there. >> they made the ticket agent ask dumb questions. people with nail clippers, they make people sit in the seat for half an hour. now, they are groping their pants. pl , it includes scheduled carefree maintenance.
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welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, head of the tsa that airport security pat-downs are not going away anytime soon. president obama asked them to consider other measures. >> chief admiral mil mullen calling out north korea on a new uranium enrichment facility. >> harris: toxic gas levels keeping rescuers from getting under ground to the trapped miners in new zealand. >> kelly: there is a major weather system out there and creating havoc around a large section of the country. freezing rain in parts of minnesota turning roads in sheets of ice and causing hundreds of accidents. some areas are digging out from piles of snow. what will all this mean for the thanksgiving travel forecast? our meteorologist maria is in
4:32 pm
the fox extreme weather center. >> we have a lot going on right now. actually get this, as of 8:00 this morning, over 300 car accidents reported in minneapolis region. the worst is it is over and it's moving out across the area in the green bay bay area but later on tonight, as temperatures dip below freezing we could see some of that on the roads and it will cause some black ice, slippery roadways will be a problem out there. second storm system pushing into northeastern nevada and getting a lot snow across the higher elevations. even across the mountains of colorado so definitely watch out for foot of snow and across california. and this system is going to
4:33 pm
bring additional snow in the mountains for the sierra mountains across california. several winter storm warnings and watches and weather advisories. this will be the case basically monday and tuesday. so tricky travel across the west and it will move it's a way on eastward, and in parts of the northeast coming up monday into tuesday and further southward. >> kelly: thank you. >> harris: you may think your credit score is all that is coming between you and the new home loan and credit card -- maybe there is something deeper going on. and founder a ceo of bell rock capital and she is the author, don't buy the bull. you say besides the credit score they are going to judge us in other ways. what do they have access to?
4:34 pm
>> it's quite amazing, banks on the one hand are being told to lend more, on the other hand they also knee more fee income because they lost some because of the new regulations. yet we find out they are not just look at credit score but how much income we make, if we pay rent, how much rent we pay and how much money we keep in our bank account. all of that gives them a tracking pattern on maybe what kind of credit we really are, not just a fico score. >> harris: and things like home value? >> they are concerned about whether or not they can actually lend to you comfortably and know if you are needed you could tap a home equity line. >> harris: great, they are just trying to clean us out. but banks have lost some fees
4:35 pm
and personal accounts i read recently for business accounts they still can. so they are looking for ways to make that up but they are getting some help because the parent company of fico, one of the credit reporting agencies is gathering information about us and feeding it to the banks. what can they get their hands on and how do we protect our information? >> they can get their hands on quite a bit now, with technology what it is. >> harris: does it hold for just about everything? >> just about everything, they can. it's up to protect ourselves. first thing you want to keep money in your bank account in order to show that you are a good, your creditworthy and you can pay your bills. a lot of people tend to keep more money in their brokerage accounts opposed to a bank account or they don't have the money. so keep a little extra money in checking or savings account to show you that are creditor
4:36 pm
worthy. apply for something like life lock. it gives the ability when people are paying in credit so you can keep track of that. >> they can take a look at our credit score you a would not know it's happening? >> absolutely. and perfect example if you are identity is stolen, you may not know unless somebody calls you from a car dealership, i can't access your credit but you wanted this new car. you say i'm not getting a new car zbleih want to get back this for a second. it would make sense. i don't think anybody would be too shocked, the bank knows how much your mortgage is but you are saying people outside can see this information? >> yes. a lot of it now they can purchase. they can purchase because if you read the fine print in a lot of
4:37 pm
what you get from your core bank it will say that they may sell some of the information. >> harris: about our habits? >> to third parties. >> harris: bounced six checks? >> they can give that information out. >> harris: so we don't have any privacy any more? >> we really don't. so you need to protect your own privacy. again, the banks, the entities are being told they need to lend more but on the other hand they caused the mess we are in. they want to do everything they can they are lend to go creditworthy people. you don't have to blame them for it but i wish they could do more forthright. >> harris: put your money in the mattress doesn't quite work. thank you very much. >> kelly: nato is laying out a
4:38 pm
plan for handling security in afghanistan to the nation's own military. what does it mean for u.s. troops fighting in afghanistan already and when will they finally come home and how many troops may end up staying behind indefinitely. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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>> kelly: nato announcing plans to end combat operation in afghanistan by the end of 2014 but president obama says that is a goal, not a commitment. which means u.s. troops could stay longer if necessary. so are we looking at the same sort of pullout scenario that we had in iraq where some 50,000 troops remain behind for security. bob scales is a fox news military analyst. he joins me now. general, it's good to have you always. you know a lot about afghanistan
4:43 pm
and you know the terrain and you know how difficult it is on the ground and how difficult a fight it is politically. with the new deadline, 2014, what does it mean for the american troops on the ground. what does it mean for the american people? >> what it means, kelly, is the president has been trying to strike a balance between setting dates that will reassure our nato allies and maintain support at home without giving away pharmacist to the enemy. what he has done over the last few weeks, he has softened his time line in order to number one tell the american people, u.s. forces will be substantially gone from afghanistan by 2014 but they won't be entirely gone. so the message to the taliban, yes, combat actions may wind down by that time, but the american or better yet the nato presence will still be there. >> all right. we're talking about what it means for the american troops on the ground. what does it mean for the afghan people and in particular the
4:44 pm
leadership of afghanistan, hamid karzai and people that are supporting him? >> that is the tough one. afghan people are in it for the long haul. they will always back a winner. when they start hearing dates about a withdrawal that raises concerns and particularly those who are going to rely who is going to support us about their commitment to the country. this is particularly important for the army. we're trying to raise an army of half a million afghans that have to be loyal to the state. they are looking at our presence with some skepticism because they have seen other allies lead them before. you establish a state like 2014 and it creates uncertainty and it breeds perhaps distrust and may lessen their own commitment. >> you cede mouthful right threw there. the president alluded to that by stating that as the afghans
4:45 pm
stand up, they will not stand alone reiterating his support and making sure that commitment is there. here is the question -- when you look at the government of hamid karzai and the fact that it's already known his brother and some other people within that government have been corrupt, have been given to practices that have not been supportive of the united states, in fact disingenuous, what should we do about the government that is already in place there? >> there is an old saying in the military, it's called a vulnerable center of gravity. a vulnerable center of gravity for our strategy is not the taliban but it's the afghan government. if we can't help them reduce corruption do a better job of training their forces, get the afghan people behind the government many are considered to be corrupt, then all the effort and all the money and sadly all the blood is going to go for nothing. job one, is fix the government,
4:46 pm
train the army, that is our ticket home. >> kelly: and general, we got our foot on the neck of the enemy but what do we do about pakistan? >> absolutely. that is big worry. the petraus touch is start to work but our relationships with pakistan is uncertain. if we can't get the pakistanis on our side all the good we do in afghanistan is going to be problematic. >> kelly: good to talk to you. >> harris: jimmie johnson wins his fifth sprint cup championship. he trailed by 15 points down in miami but johnson raced a cleaner race and finished second while hamlin finished 14th. carl edwards actually won the
4:47 pm
race. normally, i don't talk about nascar i don't profess to be a nascar genius but racing is fun. >> kelly: i met jimmie johnson, he started racing when he was ten years old, go-carts and been racing ever since and the guy is incredible out there. >> harris: he was waving to the crowd. big deal for jimmie johnson. >> kelly: congratulations, jimmy. >> harris: do you plan to fly this holiday season? are you prepared to get up close and personal with your airport screener? thousands of travelers have been complaining about this. we'll talk to a congressman that helped create the tsa but he says the agency has gone too few. >> they actually went down around the underwear strap. >> it wasn't that bad. they were gentle with the kids.
4:48 pm
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>> harris: so whatever happened to the once known friendly skies that is replaced by pat-downs and body scanners. they say the security measures
4:52 pm
for the time being the most effective tools against terrorism but there might be some other options. joining us now, john mika and tom blank. good to see you both today. >> congressman, i wanted to start with you. you were more of a fan of the tsa and now you are a long time critic and you says there are better ways to do it. i want to find out what the problem with the tsa right now? >> well, actually, tom blank did a wonderful job with tsa, but you know it's grown pretty bureaucratic. it's going to reach 67,000 employees with 3590 administrative personnel making an average of 10 a $5,000 apiece. -- $105,000 a piece.
4:53 pm
i would like to see some of those people performing for charity rather than sitting in washington rather than getting big salaries. >> you called tom an excellent guest. is this really what you envisioned for the administration? >> one of the key provisions the law that created tsa that congressman mika was talking about, is the high ranking individual at every major airport to administer security. over the years that has become to known as the federal screening director which means these people are spending too much time of their day administering a cumbersome federal employment process where they don't have control over who they hire or fire. if we look at tenth anniversary of tsa, how we are doing things ought to be brought into focus
4:54 pm
and really question whether or not our top personnel at these airports are doing what they have been hired to do. >> harris: i do want to talk about money and all of that. how we replace if that should be the case but i want to question a little bit with complaints coming from people. you heard the guy from california, he threatened the tsa if he touched his junk, unquote. i'm curious to though is this the only alternative. congressman, what do you say? >> first of all, touching people's junk and way they are doing it they are going to address some of the threats. you have terrorists who are surgically implanting explosives and using body cavities and using cearg planes to explode over the cities. tom knows and i know we have to stay one step ahead.
4:55 pm
the diaper bomber in the pants, this is 11 months late and rolled out in the wrong fashion and done to the wrong people. it does call out for some additional reform even in this process. >> harris: all right. tom, surely replacing the tsa would save taxpayers some money. tsa is currently using $300 million of stimulus money to run the new screening program. it costs $8 billion to run the tsa next year. should we just get rid of it and toss it over to the private sector? >> we can't get rid of the responsibility. a ee determines was made that this would be a federal responsibility after 9/11. it's a question of how you administer that responsibility. let me give you an example. there are no policies in airports to try to come up with efficiency to do a better job than the federal screeners do. if an airport were able to save
4:56 pm
millions of dollars in the screening process, why shouldn't they share in the savings of taxpayers realize? right now there are no policies support innovation or would make the sector step up and do a first class job rather than have the federal government operate the system. >> harris: i understand you have worked with companies and you understand what could take the place of the tsa. what is a better idea? >> first, you don't want to get rid of tsa. we need to right size it and put the people that are getting big salaries, those positions, to work. i heard a question about most of the incidents have come from foreign locations. we have very few tsa folks people doing the screening where the threats are coming from. we redeploy our assets and like tom said, if airports can do....
4:57 pm
>> harris: i have to cut you there because i don't want the computer to cut us off. >> thank you. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ we get double miles on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner!
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5:01 pm
beg gunman, widening their search for a man accused of shooting a utah park ranger and they could be facing a snag. >> sarah palin, the governor fighting mad over an internet leak and is taking the fight to the courts, new developments of the dispute? and the tsa taking on the growing outrage over the tough airport security rules and, he has one clear message: body scans and invasive pat downs are here to stay. at least, for now. malini wilkes live with more details. what exactly is the head of the tsa saying about all of these screenings and the process going on about it and how long will they last? >> reporter: kelly, the tsa chief says he knows holiday travellers are finding the techniques invasive and you comfortable and, this morning on cnn, john pistole said he has no plans to change the policies, because there is' current threat and later this afternoon he clarified the statement, suggesting extra pat-downs and revealing body scans will not go
5:02 pm
on forever, he said, quote, we are constantly evaluating and ash adapting our security measures and it will be adapted as conditions warrant and indicates we'll probably not see changes soon, probably not during the holidays and goes onto say, we cannot forget, that less than 1 year ago, a suicide bomber with explosives in his underwear tried to bring down a plane over detroit. the terrorist allegedly behind the cargo attempt last month are out there bragging about how they'll strike again and he says if we do not set off the regular metal detector at the airport you will not be subject to body scanners or personal pat downs passengers describe as groping. >> that is something you put out there, a lot of people don't know and they think you will get it automatically and if you don't set off the alarm or detector will go through like you normally do but there is a vocal opposition from passengers
5:03 pm
and lawmakers and we heard a lawmaker on our air talking to harris, a few moments ago. what are critics saying today. >> reporter: kelly, congressman john mica, probably had the quote of the day, saying, touching someone's junk doesn't remove the threat. critics in congress saying we should focus on improved intelligence, better checking of documents, and, using body scanning machines that reveal less of your figure, here's congressman petrie. >> the europeans have been coming up with a better scanning technology that uses an outline and highlights if something is unusual, a box will show up on the screen, instead of all of this personal in the trugs, and, we can do a better job, than this and protect people without destroying the values we are trying to protect. >> reporter: congressman petrie and house majority leader steny hoyer said today there will be hearings about this, and is not the end of the debate. >> all right, hearings.
5:04 pm
okay. more congressional input, thanks! lawmakers and the flying public struggle with the new procedures, al qaeda in yemen is issuing a new threat. expect more small scale attempts to bomb u.s. cargo planes, and that was the message posted on the english language web site of the group. the editors broadcasting about their october plot, calling it operation hemorrhage. saying the bomb that disrupted air cargo traffic two days cost only $4200 to carry out. the group says it is part over a new strategy to replace spectacular attacks like 9/11 in favor of smaller attacks, targeting the u.s. economy. >> we're watching this closely, in utah there is a massive manhunt underway, going on already for a day. police scouring a rugged canyon near moab for a suspect who fired three shots into a park ranger, in critical but stable
5:05 pm
together an investigators uncovering crucial clues that might lead them to the gunman ben winslow from ktsu has more. >> reporter: a frustrating day for law enforcement. they have battled daylight as well as a winter storm approaching, searching for the suspect. armed and dangerous, and they also say the man may be seriously wounded. >> we run out of daylight. >> i have an idea, the -- they know where they're going. >> reporter: police believe they've isolated him to a four square mile area known as caveman ranch. police are searching frantically for the man who shot and wounded brody young during a traffic stop friday night and the sheriff says he doesn't know why the ranger was shot. >> he has a record but nothing -- any kind of a violent activity. he does have active warrants, right now, but they are minor warrants, not serious. so, we don't know what really caused the shooting.
5:06 pm
>> reporter: police plan to search the suspect's vehicles, found abandoned an potash road, and they retrieved a backpack and a pies of clothing to make a tourniquet. >> clothing, a few pieces of canned goods and an empty holster. >> reporter: they believe he has a .40 caliber handgun on him but he's wounded and may be hiding in a cave or under boulders in the red wrong country. >> we know that his wound is very serious. we have been going 24 hours. >> ben winslow from kstu in salt lake city. >> there's a major storm out there, slamming the sierra nevada, the first big snow of the season and drivers are putting chains on their tires, not taking any chances to get the extra traction and how will the system impact your thanksgiving travel forecast?
5:07 pm
maria molina is here to tell us more. >> hi, that's right. we do have a naming snowstorm out west, right now. and, definitely good news for ski resorts or companies that sell tire chains but not good for you guys that are traveling out there, really, make sure to slow your speed down, especially across parts of minneapolis, where we have already over 300 reports of car accidents, as of 8:00 a.m. this morning, and, due to the freezing drizzle and the chance for additional drizzle or freezing drizzle across the region, does exist for later on tonight. now, not a lot of action and most of it already shifting, across northern parts of wisconsin and northeast earn minnesota, we do have additional snow showers, big storm out across nevada and southeastern idaho, and parts of utah, where we expect feet of snow, across higher elevations, and definitely tricky traveling right now, across the city of salt lake city, now, california, really winding down, a couple of showers, actually cleaning things out out there, but our
5:08 pm
third form is already beginning to bring up additional moisture across parts of oregon and also, washington. and, that snow will be reaching portland, into the sea level, basically and we'll be looking at a little bit of conditions out there and, plenty of winters storm advisories across the area and will be the story, basically, going into monday and tuesday across the west and as we move further east we'll see storms begin to make lake-effect snow across the great lakes and even some rainfall as we head further south, and across parts of kentucky and tennessee. into tuesday. so, you are looking at problem out there, kelly. >> tough going to get to grandma's house, thank you very much. >> got it. >> okay. >> shocking evidence of north korea's nuclear ambitions, posing a major national security concern. to this country. a massive new facility to enrich uranium unveiled, seemingly out
5:09 pm
of nowhere. and a leading american nuclear scientist who has seen the new facility says he's, quote, stunned by its sophistication. julie kirtz has the latest. >> reporter: the team was lead by an american scientist who toured the complex earlier this month, siegfried hecker, the former director of the los alamos nuclear lab says north korea has 2,000 recently completed centrifuges in a facility suitable tfor making bombs and, describes it as stunning and he says, north korean officials told him the sent fud centrifuges were installed and rung and he was not allowed to take photos but, satellite shows construction in that area the last few years and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff refusing to detail how much the u.s. really knows. >> i would say that this is something we have been concerned about.
5:10 pm
for significant periods of time. and, also, penetration of the north koreans in terms of intelligence capabilities, is very, very difficult. >> reporter: the fact that north korea showed a visiting american scientist the new enriched uranium clearly appears to be a calculated move by the north korean government and, now, a new challenge for the obama administration. >> i don't think anybody in the obama administration should be surprised. if they are i think it indicates they never understood how serious the north korean threat is. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official tells fox if the report is true it is a provocative act of defiance by the north korean government and is possibly timed to strengthen the communist nation as it moves to transfer power to the son of dictator kim jong-il. harris. >> julie kirtz, thank you very much. >> three american hikers accused of spying in iran are now set to go on trial, in february, shane bauer and josh fattal have been
5:11 pm
imprisoned in tehran for more than a year. his fiancee, shar sarah shourd s expected to be summoned back to tehran to stand trial and they were res kufd after hiking across an unmarked border in northern iran and she denies that they were spying. >> is the lame duck session of congress living up to its name, from the bush tax cuts, to a crucial extension of jobless benefits for millions of americans, the legislative agenda is about as stuffed as the thanksgiving turkey. with little progress to show. how much do lawmakers really expect to accomplish en a week? joining me for a fair and balanced debate, tom price, republican congress manage from georgia, the ranking member on the health employment labor and pension subcommittee and democratic congressman from maryland, who served on the house select committee on intelligence. gentlemen, i want to talk money
5:12 pm
first. 4 million americans are going to see their unemployment checks stopped about nine days from now. and, i understand congressman price, that republicans have a sticking point and that is why they will not let it get through. what is the sticking point. >> we believe any extension of the unemployment benefits ought to be paid for and ought to be budget neutral and ought not to borrow from our kids and grandkids to continue the unemployment insurance program but the bottom line, actually, is we need to put in place programs that will create jobs which this administration and the leadership in this congress, nancy pelosi have not done. we need to give certainty to the taxes so there will be no tax increases for any american, or american business and we need to decrease spending and need to make certain businesses will not be hit with the incredible expenses of the obama care passed earlier this year. >> i hear all of that and, honestly, gentlemen, the american people want to know, what will it take to get a deal
5:13 pm
done. democratic congressman, is there any middle ground for unemployment benefits before november 30th. >> we have to fund our government agencies. by december 4 if we don't, there will not be money to give out the social security checks and whatever else is needed. what -- that what t is we call continuing resolution to give the agencies money for a month or two, based on last year's budget and there will be no increases from last year and is a temporary measure, unfortunately, there are some things we should do. i believe strongly we should pass the defense budget and homeland security budget. we still are fighting terrorism, and we need to protect or country from that threat and also, need to give our troops, iraq and afghanistan the resources to do the job, as it relates to the issue of unemployment, these are individuals who had jobs and lost jobs and these are usually people who have families and
5:14 pm
young children. and, we need to clearly take care of them on the short-term basis. not the long term, because hopefully long term they'll have jobs. we need to move forward on a temporary basis for that. >> let me ask you, you started off in one direction and got back to jobless benefits and i want to bring it back. the american people are waiting for a decision to be made. what does it take to get both sides to the middle? can you play for the unemployment benefits so people can get their checks extended. >> we have to pay for that. no question and one thing i think both tom price and i agree on, we have to stop the partisan politics and people want to us get things done and it takes two sides to resolve the issues and i hope our leadership is coming together now to deal with the issue of unemployment. >> what will your side do, congressman price? >> look, anything that is on the table. we want to be sure we are borrowing again from our kids and grandkids.
5:15 pm
these benefits have been going on for a significant length of time and many of the workers out there who cannot find a job have had benefits up to 99 weeks and we need to solve the fundamental problem which is to get jobs created and the talking about taxes and spending is so incredibly important. where would we cut? we're happy to put anything on the table. we'd like to move forward in a positive way. and a bipartisan way as dutch mentioned . >> you guys are going back at it. right after thanksgiving and you will not have much time. jobless benefits and bush era tax cuts, and many americans' taxes will go up, almost everybody who is working, taxes will go up, if y'all don't do something. how do you come together on that, real quickly, each gentleman, please. >> well, we have been promoting for a long time the fact that no american ought to have their taxes or any american business ought to have taxes increased at a time of economic challenge. there is no reason why we should
5:16 pm
do this and, further punish the job creators across the great nation, if you want people back to work you give them tax certainty, you don't increase their taxes, don't punish the job creators. how do we do that? all sorts of different wayses. what we'd like to do is see that bill come to the floor of the house, so that you can see a bipartisan supported for no increase in taxes. >> and there were numbers thrown out that perhaps you could see a permanent extension of anybody making $250,000 and more, you know, but then meet in the middle with republicans, for extending them for everybody. for a short period of time. does that get done in the lame duck. >> i would hope it does. let me tell you what my position is. this is not a time for us to raise anybody's taxes. in america. right now, we need to do what we have to do, to create jobs and get the economy in a better position and my position is we should extend the bush tax cuts, all of them, for one year and reevaluate that issue and the
5:17 pm
reason, is that when we do not -- when we do not -- don't cut taxes, then, we are in a passion, where we increase the deficit. so, if you are going to cut taxes, you have to cut spending and we have to get our economy moving and this is the right time, not to extend this -- is the right time to extend the bush tax cuts but not at the time to raise taxes, but we have to deal with the issue of the deficit, also. >> wow, a year, we are making progress! >> a bipartisan agreement, there is bipartisan agreement, you are right. and what we'd do, i hope dutch would do it, join me in doing, and that is calling on speaker pelosi to bring that bill to the floor of the house -- >> good stuff. >> and allow a vote on it. >> i hear you coming together, wow, that is something they don't do on capitol here, on fox news channel, thanks for being here. >> okay. >> thank you so much, happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> a lot of work to get done and so little time. we'll keep watching and president obama called it a
5:18 pm
midterm shellacking but are democratic leaders feeling the sting, why some say the president's party has not learned its lesson. >> and the war right on our doorstep. fox news takes you to the front lines, of the new battle, to keep the mexican drug war from spilling into the u.s. >> the line on him... running north. he's single and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks so whiten your teeth. no coffee. [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste removes up to 80% surface stains in just two weeks. hi. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile. crest 3d white toothpaste.
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>> democrats are taking a beating in the midterms and losing control of the house and getting their majority whittled down in necessity and so they're democrats taking the losses to heart? going back to the drawing board, and changing the way they do business? my next guest argues the democrats are blowing -- plowing full steam ahead as if the elections never happened, miked goodwin a columnist for "the new york post" and fox news contributor and joins us live now, michael? tell us about it. >> hello, kelly. yes. when you look at what the democrats have been doing, president obama and harry reid, and nancy pelosi, what they have been doing in the run-up into the lame duck session, what they have been talking about, their plans, what they have -- what th've said about the specific issues, it is pretty clear that the election has not changed
5:23 pm
their ideas at all. starting with the fact that nancy pelosi, being newly minted as the minority leader of the new session for the democrats, the idea of raising taxes, on -- some people talked about, well, let's raise the amounts to $1 million, and, exempt everybody under that, from a new tax hike. others, such as pelosi, says we want to vote on everybody except those making over 250 and talked -- refused to heed the public wishes on the ban for earmarks and talked about going through a new round of extending unemployment benefits, and, they've talked not at all about cutting spending, but, in fact have talked about new ideas to spend even more. and, the whole election was about the growth and the size and the cost of government. and, here the democrats are, trying to squeeze one more budget-busting vote out of their troops before the new members take their seats in january. >> i hear you, but i don't know if all the democrats would entirely fall in lock step with
5:24 pm
that description, or, march to the beat of your drum. if you listen to what just happened, a few moments ago, with harris, talking to the representative from the state of maryland as well as david price, this is a republican and democrat both agreeing to bipartisanship on what to do about extending the bush tax plans, beyond january. and, doing it right now, in the lame duck session and finding an agreement to at least do it for one or two years, getting it done is the main thing. >> i did hear that, kelly but unfortunately that is not the majority view among the democrats in the house, right now. nor is it to my understanding, the majority view of the democrats in the senate. it is very much sticking to their plan, president obama, as you know, at one point said through david axelrod, we have to deal with the world as we find it which sound like a hopeful sign, they would take noted of the election and have come around again, essentially obama punted to nancy pelosi, and harry reid, and letting them
5:25 pm
take the lead on the issue. if anybody was paying attention to the election results, what we said, and i think it really has to be reviewed, because the numbers are so one-sided and so shocking, when you think that republicans in the house, picked up 65 democratic seats, democrats picked up 3 republican seats. for a net republican gain of at least 62 seats, and four or five are still being counted. so, when you look at it like that, it's not about -- people didn't say, go back there, democrats and republicans work together, they said we have to stop the barack obama agenda and so any talk of continuing the agenda that was on the table, before november 2nd, is really in effect to ignore the election results, and act as though they didn't happen. >> lates et's go back to electiy and heard john boehner, the presumptive speaker of the house and the president, bothen
5:26 pm
using one term, common ground and the president and in coming speaker of the house, if they are about the business of finding common ground, we'll find out and meet along with other republican leaders, the way forward, which is -- the democrats have to get on board, and do something, not only about the bush era tax cuts but doing something in the lame duck session to get laws passed. >> one being the continuing resolution of the government. right there, there is a perfect opportunity -- >> important opportunity. >> a, you have to do something and is the question is do you just continue at the current pace or do you use this as an opportunity to begin whittling back on the discretionary spending that has been added the last few years. paul ryan, the in coming budget chief for the house republicans talks about taking it -- discretionary spending back to the level of 2008. and that would be a major step forward in bringing back the cost of government. but, the democrats have shown
5:27 pm
absolutely no interest in that and that is why i say, that that is what this election was about, and, to ignore it, that really -- as they did before the election, that is why they got themselves into the pickle. i think it is time to listen to the majority, majority should matter. >> michael goodwin, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> sarah palin going after a web leak, the former governor of alaska bearing down on a web site over her new book, details on the legal twist and whether she has a case, stay close. we gs on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the who gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a ord, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to i wonder what it coulbe?! what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back, everyone, the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news, after weeks of denying it, ireland admits it needs a bailout. the country now becoming the second european nation to ask for a multibillion-dollar emergency loan. >> fishermen and business owners, stung by the gulf oil spill have to wait until wednesday to file compensation claims for short-term damages, but, they have to give up the
5:32 pm
right to sue for bp. >> the unveiling of a giant statue of jesus in western poland, the town boasting it is the largest statue, even higher than rio de janeiro. of christ, the redeemer. >> a war is going on, right here in the u.s., right now, the war against mexican drug violence and is waged all along the southern border states including texas, we're just -- where across the border the murder rate is twice that of baghdad. jennifer griffin has a report from mission texas. >> although we have always done historically great work it would be in the paramilitary-type engagement. and that is what this is, a were on the border. >> reporter: captain stacy holland is in charge of 16 state of the art helicopters that make up the aviation assets, used by
5:33 pm
the texas department of public safety to fight the drug cartels. >> placed it right here and can cover the territory... >> reporter: cartels have spotters who sit in duck blinds and call out positions of the border patrol. >> 2,000 pounds of dope from that point into the highway and we don't have a lot of time to interdistri inter-- to interdict these people. >> this is ridiculous. >> as the sun went down, near a border town of 100,000 we got a call for air support for a pursuit. >> doing 130. >> three vehicles, one filled with narcotics, a chase ensues. >> he's in the night sun. >> spotlight allows the troopers on the ground to track and surround the drug runner. >> one of the suspects is in custody. >> we have everybody. everybody. >> 1800 pounds of marijuana with
5:34 pm
a street value of $700,000. captured. along with 7 suspected cartel members. all in a night's work for the texas department of public safety. >> jennifer griffin reporting, fox news is covering all the developments on the war, america is waging on the southern border, check out our special section devoted at taking a closer look at the national security threat and what it means for americans, you have to go, get on the page, and it will link you to it. >> former alaska governor sarah palin, her new book is out, come out, and is sparking a legal battle and is not even in bookstores yet. >> that is actually part of the problem, kelly. america by heart is what it is called. is due out on tuesday. but the deal is, on-line media gossip blog gawker posted excerpts on the book on their web site and refused to take it down until afternoon, under a judge's order. that's right, they have to take
5:35 pm
it down that he had governor sent a sweet saying, quote, the publishing lo ining world is le of context excerpts of my book without permission. isn't that illegal? end quote. >> the question is, is it illegal? joining us defense attorney and former prosecutor joey jackson and david schwartz, also a defense attorney, thanks for joining us. the bottom line is, is it illegal to post this, because the book has not even been released yet. >> absolutely not. see, there is a doctrine, fair use and the events you publish excerpts and republish them, and take someone else's documentation and print it you can fairly do and that why is that applicable here? because -- because she's a public figure and the fact is, it is newsworthy and if you republish something and it is newsworthy and you subject it to criticism and commentary, you can do it, it is fun. >> we have copy write laws in the country and fair use is an affirmative defense to the copy write laws. and, the bottom line is, he has
5:36 pm
this intellectual property right to this material. >> okay. i want to show everybody something i found interesting, stanford university, the information coming out, from them, not coming out. you can find it, too. an explanation of what the fair use doctrine says and i excerpted it, it is a cope right principle based on the belief the public is entitled to freely use portions of cope righted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism and i heard you say they got lazy and not like they gave a review of the book, they posted it up there. . >> this is not an analysis or newsworthy, all they did was took the book, 13 pages and posted it. there is nothing newsworthy about that, no analysis, no commentary. so, you cannot do that. >> which begs the question, quickly, what was wrong with gawker simply reaching out to harper collins, the publisher of the book, also owned by our parent company, news corp., just
5:37 pm
reaching out and saying, can we have permission. >> two things, one, it made too much sense and the other thing, really, they felt they didn't have to. there is a four parted, quickly, balancing test the courts do, to determine whether you can do it or not and one is this purpose, because it is news and people want to see it and what is e the nature of the work, it is note pentagon papers, it is a generalized work and, it was a small sliver -- >> wait, waite, wait, wait. she is going to make millions of dollars on this. >> harper collins wouldn't have given permission to do this in the first place. >> how do you know that. >> book has not come out yet. >> how do you know. >> i'm sure. >> the book has not come out yet. maybe, maybe if the book were out and they published -- had it out on the marketplace, yes. maybe. but, this is coming out before t the book is out.
5:38 pm
>> i knew you guys were coming and i read up on fair use. i knew it wouldn't be easy. what it says in the doctrine is that be a sent the freedom, copyright owners can stifle comment and if you couldn't take the information and put it out there, you could never write a bad review, but you say the book isn't even out yet and they didn't write a review, they printed the pages, i would say, would argue and maybe i'm wrong, to get a little bit of what they are getting, right now. >> harris, you are wrong? come on! listen! the fact is, there is no damages here and if anything it enhances the ability for the author of the book to get more publicity and more money and to commercialize it, and she's not injured in any way, shape or form and you don't have to comment on it. when you run or vice president or president it is news. >> there is an unjust enrichment. what happened is, their web sites, they had millions of hits on their web site. and unfairly benefitted from --
5:39 pm
taking that book. >> i understand where you are going now, you said an unjust enrichment, if they are talking about the book and it is not there, it could hurt sales, too, people go to buy it and see it isn't there. >> i am hard pressed to believe that, people will run out -- >> there has to be an accounting of that. >> the new york judge, it doesn't matter, said gawker has to take it down and others have done the same. gawker is the first one they went after and if she wins here, do the others have to remove the material, too, the other blogs. >> no. they have to bring an order of show cause as well. but it will go from the -- >> is there money won, if the judge decides the fair use doctrine is not in play and she was damaged, what could she get out of it. >> she could get -- certainly damages and harper collins will
5:40 pm
get their attorneys fees back and have an interest in strong it now and in the future. >> what is funny is the book comes out next week and the hearing sentence until november 30th and by effect, harper collins prevailed in the matter. >> i went to the web site today, gawker, and it says the publishing -- the blurb is she's angry about leaking the information. >> as she claims out of cone text. >> people could comments on the article and these are fans of gawker and check it out yourself, they say, but gawker lost. because they have to take it down. >> yes. and you could understand how harper collins and sarah palin were damaged here. they were going to have a build-up and big opening to bring out the story and all of a sudden -- >> there is no built-up at all.
5:41 pm
>> there is an intellectual property right here and it has to be protected. that is the bottom line. >> statute of limitations. >> unwind, both of you have good, fair and legal arguments, but the fact of the matter is, gawker took it down, as of this afternoon. case closed. sarah palin's book -- >> you know what it is? it will serve as a precedents for the future. this will happen again and again and again. >> common law analysis. >> always good to have you guys. >> you guys are so shy! >> another legal case, setting off continues various as well, occurring overseas, two soldiers convicted of using a nine-year-old boy, as a human shield, the sentence they received sparking outrage. >> a global warning about these animals, look, why scientists say tigers could soon vanish off the face of the earth. these. a unique sea salt added these. to over 40 campbell's condensed soups.
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>> a "fox news alert," we're getting news in now from a new york fire official who says emergency crews are waiting for a plane at jfk airport with possible fire on the wing. we are efforting to find out all of the details about this. but, again, this alert coming just moments ago, and again a new york fire official stating emergency crews are waiting at jfk airport for the plane to arrive there. with possible fire on the wing. we'll give you more details as soon as they become available. >> a dire warning now about the possible fate of one of our planet's most exotic creatures, the worldwide life fund fears wild tigers could soon become extinct. in less than 12 years from now, the grim prediction revealed during the summit in st. petersburg and experts attending the meeting saying there are only 3200 remaining in the wild and that is because their habitat is destroyed by deforestation and poachers and trophy hunters are also to blame. >> in the middle east, another
5:47 pm
pr blow to israel's military. following the conviction and sentencing of two soldiers for a shocking war crime. the pair was found guilty of using a nine-year-old palestinian boy as a human shield during last year's gaza strip war. their punishment, three months suspended sentences, and demotions. leland vitter has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: an israeli military court made it clear the soldiers crossed a very dark line when they forced a nine-year-old palestinian boy to search bags for booby-traps or even explosives. they were given three months probation and busted down to the rank of sergeant for their conduct during the gaza war back in 2009. thou the judge admonished them. during the war it was common for hamas militants to hide or store their weapons in civilian homes, and the soldiers said, they
5:48 pm
suspected that may have been the case when they took the boy from his mother and made him search the bag in an apartment building and the bags turned out to be harmless and the court said, using a child in that way was simply not acceptable and handed down the punishment, that included a suspended jail sentence for conduct unbecoming and despite the demotion, the pair will be allowed to serve as commanders in their reserve units and they conviction comes as another pr blow to the israeli army, which earlier this year had to explain pictures posted on facebook of young soldiers humiliating palestinian detainees, and soldiers patrolling the west bank town while dancing to a song... ♪ >> reporter: the youtube video became an internet hit and helped fuel anger among palestinians, and they say humiliating treatment is common by the soldiers and today, the boy at the center of the incident felt the israeli
5:49 pm
soldiers should have faced harsher penalties and the soldiers say they are being unfairly singled out boy an israeli government under intense international pressure cracking down on soldiers behaving badly without any punishment. >> thank you. >> we are closely watching a situation not far from here at j.f.k. airport, we hope to show you pictures and give you any information, more than what we have now, including a shot of the plane coming in. we have an alert here, per t associated press that a new york fire official says emergency crews at jfk airport are now waiting for a plane to land with a possible fire on the waing, there are 25 emergency units on the ground waiting, 106 people on stand-by on the ground as they wait for the plane to come in. is there actual fire on the wing winds will it be showing and will the plane be able to land? we're making calls and on it, stay with us. ss would always be.
5:50 pm
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>> you have heard there's a lot of talk and debate this week about privacy concerns with the tsa's use of full body scanners and there's a concern as well, are these machines safe? are they exposing you to harmful radiation. >> an interesting aspect of this, a member of the fox news
5:54 pm
medical a-team and chairs the urology department at mt. sinai hospital, should travellers be concerned about their health when going through the full body skarns -- scanners. >> i don't think there is a huge concern, i came back from europe and went through one of the scanners and it was easy, and, the level of radiation you get here is fairly low and there shouldn't be much concern about this. you are worried about skin cancer and the other organ is thyroid and it is radio-sensitive and those are the cancers we worry about and the kind of x-rays and radiation you are getting from the scanners is different than the chest x-ray or cat scan and look at the amount of radiation, we -- with this you get .1, kelly, and, with the chest x-ray you get 100 and cat san is 10,000, and so the level of radiation is
5:55 pm
strea extremely low and i wouldn't be concerned. >> it doesn't appear to be that threatening but you hapilots an flight attendants and frequent flyers fly frequently. >> the amount of radiation you get is equivalents to about five minutes of extra flight. so, it is minuscule and not a concern. my bigger concern is like the cat scans and x-rays, we have covered the topic, one place you get more radiation and the other place and it's not standardized and they are -- the monitoring of the radiation to me is the biggest concern as a doctor, are the tsa members callfied fiqua going through e the special training and that is a concern, we have to be sure and monitor that closely. >> is that a big enough concern you would say no to a bodiy scanner and, yes, to a pat-down. >> yes, if one breaks down,
5:56 pm
makes sure one person is not getting too much radiation, i went to europe and came back from europe and had watch and shoes an belt on and it was easy and i went through, no problem, if it is done will and standardized, we will be okay. >> you'd do it again. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> and, over to j.f.k., an alert right now, out there. second alarm, wing, 25 units responding, 106 people on board, apparent, harris, they say the plane is coming in to j.f.k. may have a fire. >> we're looking at the delta airlines flight, right now and from what i have been able to access, to turn it into a breaking news desk situation now, we have the whole newsroom working on it, fire officials telling "the associated press" there was fires, flames spewing from wouldn't of the aircraft's wings and we'll continue to. watch it. >> and fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next.
5:57 pm
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